ARTmania Events proudly presents Yann Tiersen on the new Dust Lane European Tour at The Silver Church Club in Bucharest on December 9th 2010.

Most widely known for playing multiple instruments simultaneously (as was the case on the Amelie or Good Bye Lenine soundtrack), and a virtuoso on accordion and violin, Yann Tiersen is back on the road to Rock, presenting his newest album, Dust Lane, on tour just after the release in oct. 2010. Dust Lane mixes raw notes and hard sounds; poetry has been replaced with power. Tiersen is switching genres, surrendering to guitar riffs and the sounds of rock music.

“Dust Lane is more electric and electronic, and vocals play an important role on the album,” says Tiersen. “The new album is different than everything I’ve done so far”.

Gone are the lilting tunes and frantic waltzes. No more piano and accordeon. Banished is the solitude of the multi-instrumentalist musician, because Tiersen strapped his electric guitar back on a while ago, and recruited a new band to go with it. Although Tiersen has loved rock since his adolescence in the days of Nick Cave and Joy Division, he hasn’t forgotten his own past experience and previous recordings. In fact, he’s carefully retained one key element: the melodic qualities.

Everyone always says how implausible the idea of making rock music is in France. Well, here’s another French exception, with a concert that is impressively consistent, positively purring with electric pleasure and an exceptional tension that runs unwaveringly throughout the entire show. He will present on stage his new album “Dust lane” with a new french/english Team: Stephane Bouvier (Bass), Christine Ott (Ondes martenod),  Matt Elliott (Guitar) (from Third Eye Fondation), Dave Collingwood (Drum) & Robin Allender (guitar) (from Gravenhurst).

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