Sibiu will turn, between the 13th and 15th of August, in the playground of bands present for the first time in our country. The 2010 edition of the ARTmania Festival brings to the medieval town hot bands and three days of fun. The big party will start before sundown on Friday, with the start act of Swallow the Sun,
followed by Sisters of Mercy and Kamelot.

On Saturaday the Larg Square will be flooded by Serj Tankian’s music, along with that of Dark Tranquility and Sirenia. The schedule for Sunday is yet to be announced, but will mainly be dedicated to Romanian bands. AR Tmania festival includes besides the concerts, alternative events like visiting local museums
where the public will have access based on the tickets purchased.


EVZ: At the beginning, you started to sing because you wanted to hear yourself on the radio. Now, you have a history as a band. How important is radio for you, today?

The radio I like to listen to is talk radio. It was good when the World Cup was on because they seemed to have tuned out the vuvuzelas. I don’t really listen to much music these days. I prefer to watch films.


EVZ: Next year you”ll be 30. (As a band) Which is your biggest wish from now on?

We’re very grateful to still be here after thirty years. It’d be nice to do another thirty, if the boys will let me.


EVZ: You are not on your first visit here in Romania. What made you come back this time?

This is our first time in Romania, and we can’t wait. It’s always very nice to go somewhere new, especially when you’ve been around for a while.


EVZ: Tell me a few words about the concert from here. What will we see on stage? How will be the show?

A lot of flashing lights, a lot of smoke, and a lean, mean, industrial groove machine. Oh, and some very attractive guitars.


EVZ: Are you working on a new album? Tell me a little about your future plans.

We’re always writing new songs, but we have no plans to release a new album any time soon. We’re thinking a lot about our birthday next year, and what we’d like to do to celebrate.


EVZ: What about the latest album / what can you tell me about it?

See above.


EVZ: After all these years of singing, I-m sure there are many “secrets” that fans would like to know about you. If you were me, what would you ask?(about yourself, of course, and give answers too)

Secrets are generally secrets for a reason. I’m quite a private person, and have no desire to lay my soul bare at any point. I’d probably ask me about my favourite films, or my top three women in science-fiction.


EVZ: How did you find the Romanian public on your first visit here and how do you think you’ll find it now?

We’ve never been before. We’re looking forward to visiting a new place, as always, and we’re hoping that you enjoy the show. We’ve been reading up about Sibiu and hoping to see some of the sights. Chris our guitarist has told us we need to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral.


EVZ: Do you have a message for those who will come to your concert?

We hope to see you all at the gig, and we hope you enjoy yourselves. It’s a beautiful part of the world and we’re looking forward to visiting it.


(C) Evenimentul Zilei

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