Sonata Arctica will be playing Saturday, August 13 2011 in the Large Square of the medieval citadel Sibiu. The most important and successful Finnish power metal band comes for the first time in Romania at the ARTmania Festival 2011.

750 subscriptions of 90 lei each have been delivered in Diverta stores throughout the country and Bucharest Carturesti bookstores, and online at and The offer is valid between 17 and 31 on January 2011.

With a ten years career behind, Sonata Arctica has been an important name on the international music scene since their first album, Ecliptica, launched in 1999. Over the years, Sonata Arctica received four Gold discs for their record sales, nominations to the Emma Awards for either best band or best rock/metal album and played alongside Nightwish, Dio, Stratovarius, Iron Maiden, Rhapsody and Alice Cooper.

Sonata Arctica has toured in Europe, Japan, North, and South America and fans of Kemi originating band have reached the point when their loud enthusiasm covered concert speakers.

The band has a top discography: albums like “Winterheart’s Guild” and “Reckoning Night” have entered Finnish music charts and kept their top ten positions for weeks, before names like The Rasmus of even Eminem.

In 2007 the band launched the album that will be the turning point in the band’s sound. An experimental material, “Unia” is a very mature album and well structured, leading Sonata Arctica to its most recent disc, “The Days of Grays”, released in 2009.

Being entitled during a World of Warcraft game, The Days of Grays represents a combination between the new sound of Unia and the old, from albums like Reckoning Night, a style that entwines new vocal techniques from singer Tony Kakko with feminine voices, guitar solos, progressive influences, without leaving behind melody and the essence of Sonata Arctica music.

The Finnish band thus joins two other important names coming to Romania: Nevermore (USA) and Lacrimas Profudere (Germany).

The ARTmania Festival 2011 takes place between 8 and 14 of August in Sibiu. Tickets are already on sale in Bucharest Carturesti bookstores and throughout Diverta shops, and online at and Preices range from 90-180 for a subscription and 60-100 lei for a single day ticket, depending on the time of purchase.

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