Friday, 10th of August, Kitsune Art, the latest revelation of the Spanish rock scene, will perform at ARTmania Festival 2012. The young band from Madrid will play on Harley-Davidson Stage, in the Small Square of Sibiu, at 17.00h.

The story of Kitsune Art started at the end of 2010, when Jose (quitar), Jonathan (drums) and Fernando (quitar) decided to form a band and Carlos (bass) came along to fill up the project with excellent ideas, both at a tehnical, but also at a compositional level.

After trying to define their style through a long period of rehersals and after changing their initial vocal for Alexander in the middle of 2011, Kitsune Art launched themselves with great success on the musical scene of Madrid, playing in prestigious concert halls such as Silikona, aLive si Joy Eslava. With a particular style, combining metal with alternative rock themes, they have rapidly caught the attention of the public and press, but also the admiration of the fans of bands like Linkin Park, P.O.D. sau Pantera.

All this appreciation was enhaced by the numerous prizes won in different competions, among which the most important was the 3rd place in the Best Artist Revelation (2011), out of a hundred other national bands, mainly pop-rock.

For Kitsune Art 2012 had a powerful start, with a series of „sold out” concerts and the release of, „Live All You Can”, their first EP, in May. The recording, producing and mixing was handled by Alex Cappa in The Metal Factory Studios, while the mastering was made in France by Brett Caldas, known for working with Megadeth, Cynic, Lacuna Coil, Devin Towsend Project and other representative bands.

Kitsune Art will perform at the 7th edition of the ARTmania Festival along with Die Toten Hosen, My Dying Bride, Edguy, Epica, Deathstars, Delain, Poets of The Fall, Trail of Tears.

Starting July, tickets can be bought online ( and at the festival site as well, at the price of 35 euro/festival pass (150lei) and 25 euro/day (100 lei).

ARTmania Festival is an event cofinanced by the Local Council of Sibiu with the Town Hall and the Cultural House of the District of Sibiu.

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