Friday, May the 6th 2011, starting from 22:30 hours, come and dare to provoque the girls on Berlin Club’s dance floor, with a Carlsberg in your hand. The night begins with The Funky Mamas from the old times of The Other Side and ends with the synchronized rhythms of The Model, the most trendy-cool Romanian DJ.

The French will land right in the middle of the party to make the girls dance. Make The Girl Dance have a special talent to set electro-parties on fire. At least, this is what it happens at the most en-vogue clubs of Paris: Fleche d’Or, Paris-Paris, Baron or Showcase.

But, the best thing would be for you to go and see them in action right in their mother country. We found out that that Blue Air makes the connection between our little Paris and the French capital a lot easier. You can go there each week-end and experience some white nights and relaxing days and you can even invite your friends to experience in Bucharest’s clubs what they have never had the chance to in Paris. Either way the party seems to be accessible.

But enought about Paris. Speaking about The Model, you can see him more often in the most popular clubs from our little Paris, even if he travels in electro-friendly countries too. The artist actually managed to build his own musical genre: Dark Techno Baroque. Dark because it is dark; Techno because it’s techno and Baroque because it’s vet lively, very complex and highly decorated. His aristocratic manierism, the passion for high fashion and low fetish offer us a sneek preview of his unique personality. Set against a backdrop of refined charm, there’s an underbelly of something dark that runs through everything he does. Put it this way: The Model is not for chilling. As anyone who’s seen him DJ will certainly attest.

On May, the 6th, we have the chance to convince ourselves of these things said about The Model.

At Berlin Club, this time in Bucharest, not in Paris, the tickets can be bought with Ron 20 if they are purchased in advance or in the evening of the event (after midnight) or Ron 30 after that. The best solution would be to make sure you get them some time in advance: Germanos and Diverta, or online, from the, and

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