Free access for Smart high-school students from other cities, almost no restrictions regarding access with photo cameras and free entrance for disabled people are the main features for the eight edition of the ARTmania Festival..

During next week, high-school students from other cities can win a full pass at the ARTmania Festival 2013 if they answer correctly to the questions found on the official website.

For high-school students in Sibiu, organizers offer special priced tickets available only during the festival days at the Festival Info Point in the Large Square. Those who wish to take part at the festival need to show a valid student card for one of the high-schools in Sibiu and keep the received access bracelet until the end of the festival.

Access with photo cameras in the ARTmania Festival will be allowed, considering the following: 5.9 inch long lens or 7.9 inch total length of camera and lens together. No flashes are allowed and please consider the well being and safety of those around you. Restrictions for tripods, detachable flashes and other filming or recording equipments are still applicable.

Certified disabled people will have free access, provided they present, at the InfoPoint located in the Large Square, the certificate (or a copy) with a valid ID, for himself and their companion (if one is mentioned in the certificate). Also, the ARTmania festival 2013 offers a rail for disabled people.

Also, even the little rock fans can enjoy the experience of the Sibiu festival since this year all children under the age of 14 years old have free access to the event. The only condition is that they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket or pass and can present a copy of the kids’ birth certificate, along with their own ID card. The little ones will not be given access bracelets and will always be under adulthood supervision.

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