Meetings, museum visits, various exhibitions and workshops will complete the concert schedule at the ARTmania Festival during the week between the 8th and 14th August 2011.

On Monday the festival begins with an opening event at the Oldies Pub Live Music, organized in collaboration with Transylvania Rock Society, starting at 21:00. 

Starting with Tuesday and until Sunday, ARTmania Festival 2011 wristband owners can visit, between 10:00 and 18:00, the exhibitions at the Brukenthal National Museum (special reductions) and ASTRA National Museum Complex (free entrance).

Tuesday at 19:00 at the Artists’ Café- ArtCafe in the Large Square, bloggers from Sibiu and those interested in the event communication are invited to a chat with the ARTmania Festival organizers.

Wednesday at 12:00 two varnishings are scheduled at the Habitus Cultural Centre: Anda Cofaru- Din Adancuri (From the Deep) and Diana and Doina Pantea “ Rock Memorandum”. The exhibitions can also be visited the following days between 10:00 and 18:00.

Anda Cofaru’s Exhibition, Din Adancuri (From the Deep) is dedicated to Tarja Turunen and metaphorically presents the idea of diving in the deep. Contrary to the general belief, there, in the deep, there is no resignation and no end, but a valuable source of power, knowledge and regeneration.

The exhibition is inspired by Tarja’s music and her passion for diving, by the storm and the falls in the life of the Finnish singer, but also by her power to come back to surface much stronger and more self-confident. Anda Cofaru is a graduate from the University of Plastic Arts and Design in Cluj-Napoca and she has had another exhibition at the ARTmania Festival 2009 with Live on Canvas.

Wednesday night starting with 18:30 the organizers suggest a bicycle tour of the ARTmania Festival 2011 areas. Those who came at the Festival with their bikes thanks to the partnership between CFR and ARTmania, and not only, can go through an interesting area from the central area of Sibiu, starting from the Small Square to the ASTRA Museum and the Dumbrava Forest, the place where the ARTmania Festival Sibiu Arena events will take place.

On Thursday the artmaniacs can go on a guided tour of the Brukenthal Palace, starting with 12:00, and later they can visit the photographic exhibition ARTnatomy- The Reconfigurin Eye, by Miluta Flueras, at the Artists’ Café, ArtCafe in the Large Square. Also on Thursday night starting with 21:30, those who want to warm up with a party are invited in the Oldies Music Pub, to party on the Heavy Hour music.

Friday, as the ARTmania Festival Sibiu Arena opens at 10:00, the public can also visit the Live Aeons exhibition. This is a collection of photographs by Victor Cristescu and Dumitru Catalin, which tries to catch the intensity of live concerts, the relationship between the band and the public, and the way each of them tries to take as much as possible from the energy of the moment.

Saturday, the public is invited to visit The ASTRA Museum of Transylvanian Civilization between 11:00 and 13:00, where a series of workshops will be taking place: Gheorghe Țambrea – Horezu- pottery, Ana and Ioana Negoiță – Sibiu- manufacturing traditional masks, Doina Nistor – Brașov- manufacturing ecological dolls and also blacksmiths ready for the metal heads in the Forgery shop of the outdoor museum. 

Also on Saturday, at 18:00 the festival will hold the official book lauch of Room mates. Student in Chisinau, by Mihail Vakulovski, and Sunday, starting with 13:00 photography aficionados can take part at a workshop dedicated to concert photography at the Artists’ Café, ArtCafe.

To find out all the events scheduled in the week between 8th and 14th of August, check out the festival’s official page or facebook/artmania.festival, the events section.

Tuborg is the official beer and presents the ARTmania Festival Sibiu Arena in the Dumbrava Forest, while in the Small Square, the public can relax in the ARTmania Festival & Granini Refreshing Area. Bilbor, the brand that brings purity from the altitude is ARTmania Festival’s official water.

Event cofinanced by the local Council of Sibiu and the Town Hall and the Cultural House of Sibiu Municipality.

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