Almost 7.500 art lovers have visited the Sibiu’s museums during the ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2011. Covering one whole week, the festival presented varied activities, from art to photography exhibitions, traditional and contemporary art workshops, book launching events and, of course, musical concerts. 

“We are pleased to see that ARTmania has a strong connection with the cultural institutions based in Sibiu and is supporting our efforts to promote cultural activities among our publics. For example, during the festival we have doubled our number of visitors comparing to the amount of visits we usually have during the summer high peak period. Hence, we are having a partnership with straight results and real support for the local community development” said Dana Roxana Hrib (Ph. D.), Head of the P.R., Education & Marketing Department, Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu.

Those who attended the festival have enjoyed three different activity areas dedicated to the cultural events: Large Square, Small Square and ARTmania Festival Sibiu Arena (Camping and Entertainment), where local and popular contemporary international bands have met their fans.

ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2011 gathered over 17.000 people in Sibiu coming from all areas of Romania, but also from other countries. Over 1.000 people arrived from Germany, Italy, France, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary and Bulgary to see great bands playing for the first time in Romania, as there were Sonata Arctica (no.1 Finish power metal band) or Lacuna Coil (the living rock legend of Italy). Famous bands like Helloween (the masters of the German Power Metal), Lacrimas Profundere or Tarja had been playing for the first time on our stage in Sibiu.

ARTmania Festival & Granini Refreshing Area from Piata Mica and ARTmania Festival Sibiu Arena powered by Tuborg were the meeting point for the much loved Romanian bands with their fans, bands like byron, Interitus Dei, Monarchy, Reckoning, Guerrillas, Truda, Classic Beat Orchestra, Heavy Duty or Tagma.

“ARTmania is not just an established festival. This is a special place to meet for the art lovers. The Large Square, have been well known and growing in popularity, as a common destination for many people coming form all over the country and abroad. This outcome can only make us happier and motivate us to organize many more activities for the next edition of the festival,” said Codruța Vulcu, ARTmania Festival General Manager. 

ARTmania Festival Sibiu is taking place each year in the second week of august presenting a rich and varied cultural program with concerts, exhibitions, book launching, workshops and other special events dedicated to the fine arts.

Event co-financed by the local Council of Sibiu through the Town Hall and the Cultural House of Sibiu Municipality.

Parteneri institutionali: Primaria Municipiului SibiuCasa de Cultura a Municipiului SibiuMuzeul National BrukenthalComplexul National Muzeal AstraASTRA Film 

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