Women’s masks package – Winter Package United

60.00 lei TVA inclus

The package contains 4 United model women’s masks.

Utility area
Face protecting mask, reusable, made out of textile material, for personal use, ensures effortless breathing
and acts an efficient barrier for dust particles.

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100% cotton, density 160gr/sqm
Thread count: Nm – 40/1 BBC COMBED
Fiber component: 100% cotton
Density: 160gr/sqm
Breakage point: 4%
Washing temperature: 60° C
Paint type: reactive
Color resistance: colors don’t blend upon washing
Waterproof: +/‐ 3‐4%


  • The reusable textile mask is a simple working equipment.
  • This mask type is not a medical device and does not assure any protection against major risks, it NOT a
    barrier against viruses and bacteria, gases or other volatile substances, but can help decrease risks (in
    the absence of medical grade surgical masks or professional filter masks).
  • Mandatory wash (at 60° C) and steam press (for 3 minutes at least) of all textile masks before first
  • Recommended cleaning after each use!
  • Children must wear masks only under adult supervision.
  • Store this item in a dry, ventilated and clean environment.


Printing method: direct screen
Type of ink: water based ink, no phthalates, PVC, APEO, etc. included.

  • This ink respects all international standards.