Blaj aLive has gathered a numerous audience from all over Transylvania. At the 165th anniversary of the Great National Gathering, The Liberty Field from Blaj has reunited more than 6000 people. Blaj aLive has managed to activate the local community and has united the fans of many beloved bands: Vama, Voltaj, Blackstar and the three members of Lala Band; fans came to Blaj aLive from Alba-Iulia, Medias, Sebes, Aiud, Abrud and even Cluj, Târgu Mureş and Sibiu.

Voltaj was received with great joy by the audience, being the first from the Blaj aLive line-up to perform; a band who has definitely conquered Transylvania. Voltaj’s fiery performance managed to gather in front of the stage even the ones who were most afraid of the rain and also cast away the threatening clouds with, of course, the help of the fans that sung along songs like „So what?”, „This is Life” and „I miss the sun”.

A surprise element was the festival’s fun zone, which gave the public of all ages the chance of spending their day in the most active way, thus enjoying a Twister game, an electrical train, an inflatable slide which was 13 meters high and to have fun with animators that caught their attention by offering face painting and balloons modelling.

The youngsters’ and teenagers’ interest that had been previously caught by the fun park was soon forgotten as the three members of the loved Lala Band came onstage. Fans had the opportunity to receive autographs from the three idols of the new generation – Alina Eremia, Dorian Popa and Sore – and to take photographs of the stars, their dancers and their special guest, Mihai Ristea, who played the duet „Beautiful Life” with Sore.

With a very optimistic and fresh pop rock style and also a very well defined sound, Blackstar has represented Blaj with a great deal of success and maintained the enthusiasm of the thousands of spectators from the Field of Liberty until sunset.

Without letting themselves become overwhelmed by the marathon of emotional, artistic and active moments, the Blaj aLive audience has impatiently waited for the headliner of the festival: Vama. The band unfolded in an impeccable live show, performing for the first time in Blaj. Tudor Chirila thanked the fans for being present in such great numbers, for their fidelity towards rock music and has flooded the Field of Liberty with the sound of the hymns of many summers: „18 years”, „Vama Veche”, „The Child that is running towards the sea”, and the 2013 hit, „Perfect without you”.

The echoes from Blaj aLive have slowly dimmed into the night, taking with them the news that Blaj will once again become a dynamic and attractive pole of Transylvania. On June 8th The Field of Liberty was the host of the very first edition of Blaj aLive, an event meant to bring back life into a city charged with history, cradle of the national consciousness, realm of multicultural interests and the harmonious living among ethnic groups.

Blaj aLive is the first episode from an annual series, being a manifest that is meant to promote local and national values within an international cultural context and to support the artistic free expression.

Event initiated by Bosch-Rexroth with the support of the Blaj City Hall.