Saturday, June 8th, we will witness the beginning of Blaj aLive, an event full of dynamism and color that is meant to place Blaj within the circuit of the widest Romanian artistic manifestations.

„The City of Schools” calls for all music lovers to be present on the Field of Liberty, where they will be able to enjoy concerts from the most loved artists at the present moment: Vama, Voltaj, Blackstar, Sore, Alina Eremia and Dorian Popa.

Situated in the heart of Transylvania, Blaj is a place tested by history, a realm of many cultures and proof that different ethnic groups may live together. Populated by mostly Romanian, German and Hungarian inhabitants, the city benefits from diverse and complex traditions, architecture, music and local celebrations.

Blaj aLive is the first episode from an annual series, being a manifest that is meant to promote local and national values within an international cultural context and to support the artistic free expression.

Event initiated by Bosch-Rexroth with the support of the Blaj City Hall.