For the second year in a row the International Tattoo Convention, the biggest event dedicated to this art, body piercing and body painting will be taking place in Bucharest. The convention is programmed on October 14th-16th 2011 at the World Trade Center.

The event will be the meeting and competing place of over  50 local and international tattoo artists, from countries like Hungary, Germany, Greece, France, Sweden, Ireland, Moldova, Russia, Borneo and Finland, who will show their mastery in various styles like: Japanese art, dark, realistic, fantasy, crazy, tribal, black and white and colour. The best tattoos done every day at the Convention will be judged and awarded prizes.

Those passionate or simply interested in this art will have the opportunity to witness live demonstrations of experienced artists or could get a tattoo done from one of the professionals like George Mavridis (Greece), James Celtic Moon (Hungary), Mitzu-Duck’s Tatto (Finland) or Remis Cizaukas (Ireland). Moreover, fans of tattoos, body piercings and body painting will have the opportunity to find out more about the recent trends and techniques in the business during the event seminars, and admire or buy accessories, clothes and more articles related to the tattoo culture.

The hot atmosphere of the day will be pumped up during the three Convention days by incendiary shows and demos of disciplines in direct link with the tattoo art. For example, for the first time in Romania, Lassi Freakshow Absurdus, one of the highly appreciated international artists will delight the public with a true “freak show”. His shows that always keep the public breathless will include levitation, pyrotechnic shows and other surprise numbers.

The concerts will take place at the International Convention’s official parties, hosted by Fire Club on October 14-15-16, starting with 23:00 hours.

If during the day, the most talented will create unique pieces of art on the participants willing to decorate their skin, on the rhythms of DJ Radu Crisan’s music, during the night the convention will change the beat to rock/ metal with live music performed by “Up to Eleven” on Thursday, by “Nightlosers” on Friday and on Saturday by “Hellz Ballz Romanian AC/DC tribute band” and Ski King (DE) – “the child of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash”. All of them will keep everybody up in Fire till dawn.

DJ Radu Crisan will be mixing during all 3 days of the convention. His passion for music was instilled since childhood by his parents, great music lovers themselves. He started his career as resident DJ in Mozart club and as an underground party planner together with Mihai Mihalcea (DJ akaroz). Radu Crisan prefers to mix electronic music, especially „house”, ranging from “deep-house” to “tech-house”.

“Nightlosers” will perform Friday night in Fire. Known for their skill to create an acoustic blend between East European traditional music and the American blues, the innovative Romanian “Ethno-Blues-Band” adds passion, talent, humor and dedication to this mix and will give the night a great start, as only they know how to.

Tickets at Ron 30 for a day and subscriptions at Ron 70 for the three days, including the after party concerts, can be bought in Diverta stores, or online at and