The Vampires’ Den energy at ARTmania Festival is expanding with two legendary projects “Made in Germany”: Crematory and Diary of Dreams. Vampires’ Den will be hosting on Friday and Saturday a total of 16 hours of concerts; a substantial growth compared to the last years’ editions, and, in the same time and space, workshops and video projections, exhibitions and abook shop with a reading area. ARTmania Vampires’ Den spreads on a surface of over 2,500 square meters with two indoor and one outdoor space.

The story unfolds in a totally unexpected manner. From dragons to gods, from monsters to fairies, beyond the superstitions that surround the controversial vampire world, the ninth ARTmania Festival edition invites us to embark on a journey towards the crepuscular areas of a magical universe. Welcome to the world of wonders!

After confirming Therion and Eluveitie, we are now announcing Diary of Dreams, a legendary act of the Darkwave genre, which of course is much loved at ARTmania Festival. With 13 precious studio albums launched over the last 20 years, and their brand new album “Elegies in Darkness” in their luggage, Diary of Dreams is coming for the first time to ARTmania Festival. Diary of Dreams will detonate on the ARTmania Vampires’ Den stage on Friday night, August 8th2014.

Long awaited at ARTmania Festival, this year we will finally get to experience Crematory in Sibiu on Saturday, August 9. Crematory is Germany’s most popular gothic metal band and has earned an excellent reputation at home and abroad during its 23 years of existence. All of their albums have a different soundscape, and their new album “Antiserum” experiments with sounds from the EBM/techno genre, completing the classic Crematory sound. Crematory will play a very special show at ARTmania, and you can expect a beautiful mix of new and classical songs.

Eluveitie and Diary of Dreams are rocking ARTmania Festival on Friday, while Crematory and Therion will play on the Vampires’ Den stage on Saturday, all of them joining the festival for the first time.

Vampires’ Den, part of the 9th ARTmania Festival edition, offers a mix of video projections, reading areas, board games, tarot, make-up and tattoos. Plus, every night the Vampires’ Denwill be hosting a monstrous after-party. In a contemporary spirit, Vampires’ Den will also have bicycle parking, safe boxes, a “lost & found” container and all the necessary festival facilities. The space is situated within the Sibiu Balanţa Complex, approximately 1,5 km from the Large Square and really close to the railway station. The exact address is: Calea Gușteriței 21-23 –

The ARTmania Vampires’ Den tickets will be available in networks, at the ARTmania Bucharest office or online at Visitors from other countries can buy passes through the platform.  Prices within the limit of 1,000 passes for each distribution period: March – April: 125 lei – 27 euros; May – June: 150 lei – 34 euros; July – August: 180 lei – 40 euros. Should one category sell out, the sellers will activate immediately the next price category. Special tickets for events taking place at the National Brukenthal Museum and History Museum will be available shortly. The Large Square will be admittance free this year.

See you at ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2014!