Sala Palatului Bucharest will host on Wednesday, 29 April 2009, starting with 8 PM, the concert of Anathema.

After Anathema Unplugged at Cisnadioara in 2007, sold-out in the first two hours after being announced, followed by last year’s concert at the Festivities Hall from the Preoteasa Cultural Center, when tickets were sold in three days after box offices opened, the entire Anathema band returns at Sala Palatului. They are preparing a top notch concert for a very special audience.

Anathema was formed in Liverpool in 1990. Their music cannot be restrained to one genre, Anathema has played from Doom Metal to atmosphere rock with alternative influences. Since ’93, from “Serenades”, a doom/death album, to “The Silent Enigma”  with a gothic metal sound, then “Eternity” that introduced progressive and alternative rock elements. Three albums with an alternative sound followed: “Alternative 4” in ’98, “Judgement” in ’99 and “A fine Day to Exit” in 2001. “A Natural Disaster” introduced symphonic rock elements on an alternative rock sound background.  Their music is melodious, for the atmosphere and their playlist includes covers from Pink Floyd or Iron Maiden. Nowadays, critics are focused on “Hindsight”, a semi-accoustic album with orchestral arrangements used in the construction of the well-known songs, as well as a new composition entitled “Unchained” (Tales Of The Unexpected). “Hindsight'” will remain in the spot light until June when “Horizons” will be launched, an Anathema album much awaited by the fans.